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Hi there,

Allow me to introduce myself as your sweet and cheeky girl-next-door. 

A romantic, if you will..

Meeting people is one of my many passions, friends always accuse me of making them laugh with my many stories and own infectious laugh. I can’t help being myself – I’m open hearted, playful and endearing. 

With a background in the arts, a deep love for books and a strong imagination, I bring a creative perspective to our journey, infusing our encounters with a touch of poetic beauty and exploration. I find inspiration in various forms of artistic expression, and I delight in merging sensuality to create immersive experiences. 

I value open communication and cherish the opportunity to create a safe space for us to discuss our desires, limits, and fantasies without judgment. Mutual respect and consent are paramount.

In addition to my artistic pursuits, I am a multifaceted individual who enjoys intellectual conversations, cultural experiences, and indulging in the wonders of life. I find solace in nature, revel in the magic of storytelling, and savor the simple joys of sharing laughter over dinner, and creating lasting memories.

As well as darling intimate moments, I have the opportunity to host in Melbournes most prominent Fetish & BDSM venue, Fetish House.
The services I offer at Fetish House are purely BDSM. 

If you are ready to embrace a connection that transcends the ordinary and leads to a profound exploration of your desires, I eagerly await your submission on this extraordinary journey. 


Please get in touch to discuss the possibility of inviting a friend of yours or mine to our session. 

Look forward to hearing from you. 

BC x

Please see 'Make a Booking' to book.


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