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You may address me as Miss Blake...

And never forget:
This is Blake's show.  

I only indulge bookings for those who appreciate my time is valuable. Enquiries that are not serious (without any information) will
 not be entertained.

Please do not forget to include your limits in the final box of the submission form.

All bookings must provide either ID or a $150 deposit via the app Beem, or via the 'tip' option on WishTender (10% surcharge paid by client) within the first 3 emails.

Beem handle: @dinnerfortwo

The deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your appointment within 24hrs of the booking. 

Deposit may be able to be carried over to another booking if given + 48hrs notice on booking cancellation. 

If you have any other burning questions that I have not yet answered, please do not hesitate to get in touch at: 

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Thanks for submitting!

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